The Margaret hackett family program

 In CNS Anomalies

Developing And supporting Patient Advocacy & Education


The Margaret Hackett Family Program (MHFP) at the University of Chicago is committed to wholesome care and treatment and enhancing outcomes of patients with congenital central nervous system (CNS) anomalies.


Community & Support

We create spaces for individuals with CNS Anomalies and their support systems to connect, receive support and be strengthened. From Connect Groups for first time parents caring for children, to events for adults living with conditions.

Resources & Advocacy

Navigating your health care can be difficult. To make things easier, we provide supportive services such as educational guides, partnerships with a variety of organizations, and even next steps for living assistance.


National Experts & Providers

The program collaborates with experts around the country who focus research on CNS Anomalies like achondroplasia, tethered cord, congenital brain tumors and skeletal dysplasias to better understand and improve, patient treatments and surgical outcomes.